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Rare 14K Gold Chromatic Ammonite Fossil Ring


This superb ammonite gemstone ring is a unique treasure. Ammonites are fossils of the extinct group of marine mollusc animals, ammonoidea. They are curling sea creatures that resemble scaled ram horns, or even dragon skin. They look like opals, and ammonite gemstones have aragonite, the same mineral found in shiny nacre. Because of their composition, ammonite stones can come in all kinds of spectral colors. Aragonite creates iridescence through the interference of light that bounces off its thin layered platelets. While most colorful gemstones absorb light, this one works quite the opposite to reveal the many colors it may contain. The luminous colors on the surface of this fossil are one-of-a-kind.

The oval ammonite measures 3/4 of an inch by just under 1 inch in size. The ammonite is set onto a 14KT yellow gold band on a 4-prong setting. The band on the ring dates to the 1980's and has an elegant, simple design. The band is unmarked but tests to 14KT gold. It is a ring size of 7-1/2. This piece is hard to photograph as it changes colors in the light, and can appear more earthy-toned with red browns or luminous green. The ammonite is presented atop another sliver of, secured by another sliver....this sandwiching together of stones creates stability in an otherwise fragile gem-fossil.

This ring is very impressive with its chromatic shifts and iridescence! Because stone ammonite comprises the fossilized remains of a creature that lived in the seas 70 million years ago, this ring is rare and an antiquity. Ammonite is also one of the world’s rarest gems and is considered to contain prophetic powers and radiate prosperity. Makes an incredible cocktail ring and conversation piece!

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