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Nephrite Jade Buddha Head Pendant on Silk Cord with Jade Beads


This is a large dark green hand carved nephrite jade Buddha head.  A tranquil face with soft features the Buddha manifests mediation. The nephrite stone is large and has a beautiful dark green hue.  It weighs 65 grams and is 2" x 1 1/4" x 3/4" and it feels great to the touch first cool and the longer you hold it it slowly warms. Very much a calming talisman. It hangs from a 26" adjustable dark red silk cord that has 12 5mm translucent jade beads. Use this to start a meditation with the peaceful face staring back at you to guide you to Zen. 

The feel of cool jade is said to elevate and purify thoughts, or quiet the mind, and to induce a state of contemplation. In China, jade is seen as a metaphor for human virtues due to its durability, strength and beauty. The Chinese philosopher Confucius famously said the virtue of man is like jade. Jade is highly sought after throughout the world for its high lustre, translucency and alleged health benefits. It is believed that jade is particularly beneficial for women in menopause, the cooling stone may provide some relief from hot flashes.

Circa 1990

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