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Natural Coral & Enamel Gold Fill Stick Pin


A beautiful stick pin featuring a lovely piece of natural coral at the center of a circular medallion, decorated with black repeating line work painted in enamel. The circular medallion measures 1/2 an inch and at its center is a horizontally placed piece of coral. Fastened by a piece of gold that acts like a rope, this beauty of a stick pin is a fine example of late Victorian jewelry. Coral was a much coveted and exotic item, exported from Italy all over Europe in the 1860s and onwards. In England in the early Victorian period, people loved to wear coral beads in jewelry pieces, from charms to brooches, to earrings- it was the most desired natural gemstone, of organic origin. 

This stick pin measures 2.5 inches and weighs 1.6 grams. This piece is not solid gold, but gold fill. Still, it is a lovely piece of jewelry, adding a nice touch to any outfit.

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