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Modernist Sterling Silver Earrings from Taxco, Mexico


These sterling silver modernist earrings are from Taxco, Mexico, circa 1970s-80s. Using a hand wrought technique, they have been shaped into two knifed edged, interlocking ovals. The knife edge design puts them into kinetic movement in order to find balance. They have a handmade modernist feel, and their movement adds visual interest to a simple geometric design. They are tested to be sterling silver and have the marking “TC60” for Taxco, Mexico.

Taxco, which is located in the Mexican state of Guerrero, is known for its mining and silverware, especially jewelry production. Though mining is no longer the center of the city’s economy, it dates back to pre-Spanish colonialization with indigenous people using ore for decorative and ritualistic purposes.

Pieces of jewelry created from Taxco silver are absolutely lovely and unique. Knowing that your jewelry originated in such a historically significant town makes it even more special.

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