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Micro Mosaic Peace Dove Set in 14K Gold Pendant or Charm


This sweet dove micro mosaic is housed in a Byzantine inspired 14 karat gold frame. Tiny white tesserae make up the the body of the bird with amazing detail. It represents the peace dove in flight or Holy Spirit. Made during the grand Tour Era in Italy these small souvenirs micro mosaics were one of the many items brought home after a year or so of travel aboard.  The piece can be worn on a chain of your choice as a pendant or serve as a charm.  It is unmarked but has been tested to be 14K gold. It measures 1" x 7/8", weighs 3.7 grams.  It is in very good condition but is missing a few tesserae in one of the wings as pictured.  Circa 1880.

Made using a painstaking technique that involves tesserae, small pieces of opaque enamel glass. The tiny mosaics were first developed in the second half of the 18th century by the Vatican Mosaic Workshop. By the 19th century, numerous independent studios devoted to the production of these small keepsakes were established to meet travelers’ demands for souvenirs. 

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