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Late Victorian 14K Gold and Emerald Starburst Stick Pin


This is a stunning 14kt gold and emerald stick pin from the late 1800s. Although this piece is unmarked, I have tested it as 14kt gold.

Stick pins have a rich and interesting history. In the early and mid-1800s, it was customary for upper class men to wear tie pins to secure their cravats. Well-bred women took interest in these ornamental pieces and began to procure them for themselves. Women began wearing stick pins to secure their scarves, however the functionality of these items quickly evolved. Soon enough, these pins were worn on the lapels of coats and incorporated into hats. Stick pins rose to prominence in the Victorian era. This first generation of pins were made with gold, pearls, precious stones and gems. Over time, stick pins became less ornate and more subdued. To this day, collectors from around the world lust after antique stick pins for their ornate detail and beauty.

This stick pin is delightfully minimal and elegant. At the center of the starburst design is an eye-catching emerald. The emerald is approximately 2.00mm in size. There are lovely open work details along the rim of the head of the pin. The head of the pin has an approximate diameter of 10.75mm. This pin is approximately 2 1/2 inches long. This piece weighs approximately 2.45 grams.

This antique would make an unforgettable gift or fantastic addition to your jewelry collection!

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