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Italian Vintage Coral and Sterling Silver Necklace

This vintage coral necklace is Italian made and individually knotted, or hand-strung. The pieces of coral are vintage, dating to the 1970s, and in great condition. The necklace has a superb texture, and when the pieces of coral touch each other there is a lovely chime sound. The coral branches approximately range from 1/2 an inch to an inch and are skinny and organic in form. This is completely natural coral, with a brilliant red color! The necklace measures approximately 18 inches in length and has a sterling silver fitted clasp at the end to securely fasten. In between the strands of coral are detail sterling silver round beads and four sterling silver pepper-shaped charms (cornicello) that punctuate the continuous flow of red. These charms are a symbol of good luck in Italy, otherwise known as the little Italian horn. Historically this talisman was worn to protect against the evil eye or, because it has a cornucopia shape, it was also said to bring fertility.  It is a lovely piece, with lots of history. Marked sterling. A great vintage item, perfect for a summer dress.

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