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Gutta Percha Antique Victorian Necklace

This is a gorgeous gutta percha mourning necklace, made of many soft , matte and flat oval segments that have been hand-linked together. The chain is approximately 21-1/2 inches in length. It has a great feel to the touch as gutta percha does, feeling lightweight and strong at the same time. Gutta percha is an early rubber-like material that was made popular in the Victorian era during the Queen's period of mourning, between the years of 1837 to 1901. Inward emotions were expressed and worn on the exterior; large dark colored gutta percha was the ideal choice to express the somber and romantic mood of this era.

Gutta percha comes from trees in Southeast Asia, predominantly Malaysia. It is a material that is flexible and strong, used to mold jewelry, so sometimes we can see the lines where the links are joined. It has a fantastic black matte color that holds quite well over time. The necklace is in great condition for its age, with some color variation from deep black matte to more charcoal colored blacks. It dates to the 1860s. Gutta percha is an incredible material, which holds quite well over time. The links are approximately 3/4 of an inch is size. The necklace has a shepherd's hook to open up or clasp at the end. At the center of the necklace is a jumper ring of the same material, where one can attach charms or other hanging jewelry. This necklace is very beautiful and a fine example of mourning era jewelry and a very rare find. This piece looks contemporary but it is a true historical gem!

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