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Greek Carnelian Antiquity Horse Intaglio and Sterling Silver Ring


This is an incredible ring made from a Carnelian intaglio from Ancient Greece in a sterling silver setting. This mount was likely made some time during the 1860s. Although this piece is unmarked, I have tested it as sterling silver.

The Carnelian intaglio is approximately 12.50mm by 7.20mm. The incredible intaglio depicts a horse. This piece was lovingly engraved—clearly the work of a master craftsman. It is most likely a find at a ruin or dig. The intaglio is antiquity and dates to around 400 BC or earlier. The crude sterling silver setting compliments the Carnelian intaglio perfectly. This unisex ring is currently a size 7 3/4, however it may be sized with the help of your local jeweler. This piece weighs approximately 4.60 grams.

This piece would make a fantastic addition to your jewelry collection!

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