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Georgian Silver Front Gold Back Day-Night Diamond Earrings

This elegant pair of Day-Night earrings date to the Georgian era. They are beautifully made in collet style, with glimmering hand-set and rose cut diamonds. They are a quintessential Romantic piece of jewelry, dangling and moving elegantly to catch the light. These Georgian earrings are a classic and an essential piece of jewelry from this era. They were intended to be worn dramatically in the evening with the Night segment attached, and as a simpler piece of jewelry with only the Day-time smaller flower diamond earring. The Day segment of these earrings measure 1/2 an inch. The Night segment measures 1-1/4 inch; the drop earrings measure 1-3/4 inches each. There are thirty-three small detail diamonds arranged on the drop, and two 3mm diamonds on each earring. That's a total of 70 diamonds. They are set with silver fronts and gold backs traditional for this era. The gold on the back acid test to be 12 karat. They weigh 8.9 grams. They have all the charm of hand-made earrings but are delicately constructed with great sophistication. They are a treasure, quite exquisite, and in superb condition for their age. These earrings date to the 1780's.

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