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Georgian Watch Fob Pendant with Carnelian Mountain Sunset Intaglio


This is a lovely watch fob pendant featuring a mountain sunset intaglio hand carved into a carnelian stone. The carving has the words "adieu" across the top, French for "Goodbye", making a sweet and relatable message.

The carving is impeccable with sharp lines and great detail. The carnelian stone is bezel set into full and luxurious carved lines of metal cased in 14k gold. Gold casing predates gold plating and involves an application of gold over the internal metal shell.

The carnelian measures about 10.3 mm by 10.4 mm. It's a little over 3/4" from top to bottom and it weighs 2.8 grams. The bail has a 3.6 mm opening and accommodates a variety of chain sizes. 

During the Georgian era, fobs were traditionally worn as a sign of status and elegance. When pressed against a wax seal, the fob becomes a personal signature of its owner, and would be used to sign documents. This piece of jewelry is great for everyday wear and makes a very special gift!

Circa 1840

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