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Georgian 18K Gold Watch Key and Fob


This Georgian watch key and fob have been worn together as a matching pair since around 1820. They are made of unmarked 18k gold, which is textured and highlighted by a beautiful patina. The key and fob are decorated with a blue and black enamel floral pattern, which is in excellent condition. The fob contains a flat-surfaced bloodstone, and the key is still functioning and can be used to wind a watch.

Stylistically, the key and fob are connected to the Georgian-era, circa 1820. The fact that they still haven’t been separated after centuries of use makes them special, and the pair could be worn as a symbol of love or friendship; though they are similar, they are not the same and each piece has its own unique function and charm.

The key and fob are connected by the original round bail, and they look great worn on a chain. They key is approximately one inch; the fob is slightly smaller. Together they weigh 5.5 grams.

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