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Georgian 12K Gold Fob Pendant with Carnelian and Blood Stone


A lovely Georgian-era key fob made of 12kt gold, orange carnelian, and bloodstone. The carnelian and bloodstone are free from engravings and are on opposite sides of the watch key. The bloodstone is a particularly stunning deep dark green with specs of red. Both the oval carnelian and bloodstone measure approximately 8.5 x 10mm. This piece is unmarked but the center of the fob that surrounds the gemstones is 12kt gold, the key part is made of metal and the top bale is coated in gold but not solid. The fob is an incredible antique watch key that can double as a fashionable pendant. This fob’s ornamentation of scrolling foliate details, and floral work, as well as the setting of the stones is typical of the Georgian era. In the Georgian period watch fobs and watch keys were very elaborate compared to the more simple pieces of the Victorian era. This piece weighs 6.5 grams and is approximately 2 inches long by 1/2 an inch wide.

This antique makes an eye-catching pendant and the generous, spinning bale makes it easy to hang on the chain of your choice.

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