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Faceted Nephrite Jade in 14K Rose Gold


This is a lovely nephrite jade faceted ring in 14kt rose gold from the 1940’s. This retro ring features a charming ribbon-like mount. Nephrite jade is more commonly used in jewelry than jadeite. In China, jade is seen as a metaphor for human virtues due to its durability, strength and beauty. The Chinese philosopher Confucius famously said the virtue of man is like jade. Jade is highly sought after throughout the world for its high lustre, translucency and alleged health benefits. It is believed that jade is particularly beneficial for women in menopause, the cooling stone may provide some relief from hot flashes. In ancient China, nephrite jade was used for ceremonial and utilitarian objects.

This stunning ring is marked 14kt rose gold on the inside of the ring. This ring is currently a size 8 1/2, however, it can be sized. The nephrite jade is approximately 21 mm by 7.83 mm. The ring features a beautiful ribbon-like design around the stone which is also decorated with two delicate flowers on either side of the stone. This piece approximately 3.6 grams.

This ring would make a wonderful gift for the holidays or fabulous addition to you vintage jewelry collection!

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