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18K Gold Elsa Peretti Starfish Brooch for Tiffany & Co.


This lyrical starfish brooch exemplifies the playful and organic qualities of an Elsa Peretti design. Circa 1990, this is an earlier version of Elsa’s infamous starfish jewelry for Tiffany & Co. The legs of the starfish outstretch at different lengths, as if the creature were reaching toward the sun. 

Elsa Peretti began her career as a model in 1960’s Barcelona before moving to New York City where she became part of the designer Halston’s inner circle. By the early 1970’s, she was designing jewelry for Halston; by 1979 she was the leading designer for Tiffany & Co., bringing a fresh and sensual perspective to her primarily silver jewelry. Elsa was strikingly beautiful and was part of the Studio 54 club scene, alongside Halston, Andy Warhol, and Liza Minelli. She is a fashion icon and has been called the most successful woman to ever work in the jewelry industry. 

The back interior of the piece is marked with “E.P.” for Elsa Peretti, “T&Co”, “18K”, “Spain”, and the copyright. 

The brooch comes with the box and leather Tiffany & Co. pouch. The piece weighs 4.3 grams and has a width of two inches across at its widest points and one inch across at its narrowest.

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