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Egyptian Revival Scarab Earrings

A lovely pair of sky blue scarab Egyptian Revival 14 karat white gold earrings. The scarabs date to the 1920's, from the Egyptian revival period, but have been placed into brand new white gold wires to hook into pierced ears. Each scarab is made of faience paste, and has a significant amount of copper which has turned the scarab into the vibrant blue. Each blue scarab measures approximately 1/2 an inch. The scarab has hieroglyph drawings on the back, flat side as well as detailed lines on top. The back marks resemble arrows, or similar line work. Each scarab is unique and beautiful, with nice detail work, and a vibrant blue color. The Egyptian Revival style flourished two times in Europe because there was a constant fascination with Egyptian symbology and ancient mysticism. The scarab was a symbol in ancient Egyptian cultures representing good luck. The scarab is also the symbol of the god Khepera, who rolled the ball of the sun across the sky to "rebirth" every morning, represented resurrection and life. These scarab earrings have a nice contemporary look, but they are also a classic historical jewel; these earrings make a wonderful talisman and are perfect for the everyday.

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