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18K Edwardian Opal and Diamond Ring


This stunning and vibrant gemstone ring is made in 18 karats of gold and dates to the Edwardian era when femininity and craftsmanship where in style. Known as the Belle Epoque this ring is a fine example of all the splendor, shimmer and elegance of that era. Three opals are mounted in a symmetrical fashion, with diamonds placed in between in an x-shape. The opals and diamonds on on a slightly raised carriage, allowing for the gemstones to catch more light when worn. In Greek, opal or “opallios,” means “to see a change of color.” This seductive gemstone is truly spectacular in color and luminosity. The largest opal is placed at the center, with two smaller ones at either end of it. The larger opal measures approximately 5 x 3 mm and the smaller ones are 3.5 x 2.5 each. The diamonds are details that add much brilliance, at 1mm each.

Marks on the interior of the band include carats, gold standard, and insignia for Chester, England. The letter mark dates this ring to 1907. 
The ring is a size 6, but can be easily resized. Opal is the birthstone for the month of October. This ring makes a great gift for someone special, or between two lovers celebrating the 14th year of marriage, as opal is typically given as a symbolic gift at this time.

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