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9K Gold Edwardian Mississippi River Pearl and Turquoise Necklace


This stunning natural pearl and turquoise necklace is a true Edwardian-era gem. The necklace features 10 Mississippi River pearls, arranged in order according to their size, alternating with 10 natural turquoise cabochons in blue to green tones, all dangling on a 9 karat gold chain.

Natural Mississippi River pearls were found years ago during the pearl button rush in Muscatine, Iowa. Its a curious and little known fact that in the early 1900's you could find magnificent pearls in the Mississippi River town of Muscatine, Iowa. Muscatine was the source of 40% of all pearl buttons in the world. Of course, the pearls from the river are now incredible rare and hard to find even adorning jewelry. 

The turquoise on the necklace is also beautiful in color and a fantastic natural gemstone. Together, these two adorn a yellow gold belcher chain, making an incredible piece, perfectly natural, feminine and seductive. The movement of the gemstones is particularly playful, adding character to this piece. The pearls are uniquely formed and have beautiful tear drop shapes. 
The pearls on the necklace range from 5mm to 16mm (which is the largest at center). The turquoise cabochons set into 9kt gold are all approximately 3mm in size. The necklace measures 16 inches all around and sits nicely around the neck.

The necklace comes in a wonderfully seductive purple turn-of-the-century Challoner & Mitchell box, a jeweler originally from Canada. The velvet interior and exterior are in almost new condition. It is a great presentation box for this jewel!

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