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14K Edwardian Diamond, Pearl, Aquamarine and Sapphire Necklace


Aquamarines, sapphires, pearls and diamonds decorate this luxurious 14 karat yellow gold Edwardian necklace. The two central oval aquamarines measure 6.3 mm x 4.5 mm each and the two top circular aquamarines are 5mm. The four round bead pearls orbiting the central floral motif are 2.4 mm each. The two deep blue sapphires that dot the center of the gold flowers are 1.6mm each. The three single cut diamonds are set into the golden clover leaves in the center arrangement are 1mm each.

The ornate and symmetrical portion of this necklace where the gemstones are featured measures 3-1/2 by 2-1/2 inches. The gold lines and gold work allow for the pattern and the gemstones to breathe. A tear drop pattern is repeated and creates for a romantic look. Like much Edwardian jewelry design, the form of this necklace evokes a dramatic end-of-an-era incantation; the Belle Epoque fashions were ethereal and elegant. The chain of the necklace measures 17 inches all around, making the gemstones sit in prominently below the neck, perfect for a low neck line, evening dress. Feminine and delicate, this necklace is a work of art in itself. The necklace weighs 8.5 grams; the aquamarines total 2.5 carats.

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