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Edwardian 14k Gold Bar Link Watch Chain


This 14k gold Edwardian watch chain, circa 1910, is a great versatile chain, perfect for everyday use. The delicate chain is made of square-shaped gold bars, delineated with dashes and dots. Between each bar is an intersecting link resembling a bow tied in the center. The overall effect is a nice, rhythmic repeating pattern.

The chain features a medium-sized spring ring clasp on one end, and a dog clasp on the other end. The clasps can be worn in the front or back, and both clasps allow a charm or pendant to be clipped into it. The chain is about 16”, so it layers well with other chains.

The chain is 15 3/4 inches long, with 1/2 inch x 1.55mm bars. It weighs 10.5 grams.

The pendant included in the photo is part of the "Cute as a Button" collection, and is available for purchase through Kirsten's Corner.

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