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Edwardian 10K Gold Lavaliere with Pearls and Sapphire on 14K Gold Chain


This is an a stunning Edwardian, Belle Epoque lavaliere and 14k gold chain necklace. The lavaliere is made with 10 karat gold and it has seed pearls and a beautiful old cut round sapphire. It has a cornflower blue color and the sapphire makes a lovely centerpiece gemstone within an abstract flower motif. The sapphire is 2mm of intense blue. The seed pearls accentuate the glow of the sapphire because these take on the blue tones.

There is a line of three pearls on the top and the bottom petals. The left and right petal have two seed pearls and filament like forms emanate from the center. From the gold oval enclosure comes a hanging river pearl, which takes on a spear form, and is naturally irregularly shaped.

It is a very luminous pendant and in perfect condition. It measures 1 3/4 " including the 10k bale. This lavaliere comes with a delicate 14k open link chain that measures 16". The total weight of the pendant and chain is 2.5 grams.

The Edwardian period of jewelry from 1901 to 1915 was characterized by simple but romantic chains suspending lavalieres and pendant negligees with delicate details like the ones seen here. There was an increase in importance of the neckline, resulting in a popularity in pieces of jewelry such as this one, simple for everyday wear, and at the same time beautifully feminine.

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