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Early Victorian Diamond 14K Gold Back and Silver Front Flower Brooch

This bright flower brooch is a lovely Early Victorian era piece that dates to the 1860s. The brooch features 22 small rose cut diamonds of a variety of sizes set in the shape of an extending stem with two thin leaves curling upwards towards the daisy-like flower. The flower has a larger central rose cut diamond (approximately 4 mm) with vibrating luminous petals, each with a set diamond. The setting of the diamonds is antique, and slightly irregular looking because they are surrounded by the silver which adds a special hand-made quality to the piece. The brooch has a 14 karat gold back and a silver front, which is common for jewelry pieces of this era. On the back is a makers mark from The Netherlands of a sword; a standard mark which was used for objects designated for import beginning in 1853. The back is also where the antique trumpet safety clasp is for the pin, which is in perfect condition so that it can be securely attached to clothing. The brooch measures 1- 1/2 inches by a 1/4 of an inch. It's feminine curve and sparkling diamonds make it a perfect small accent for a special evening or for every day wear.

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