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Cold-Painted Spelter Bulldog Sculpture


An adorable bull dog sculpture, cast from spelter and cold-painted with charming details. The little bulldog’s face is animated and cartoonish, with a humorous expression and even tiny teeth visible in his mouth. He stands on an ornate rug, making him the perfect desk or tabletop sculpture. 

Cold paint technique that was popular in Vienna at the turn of the century is quite special, and today proves to be a lost art. It was mastered by artists such as Franz Bergman, casting bronzes to be painted with several layers of dust paint. The paint remained unfired and therefore unfixed to the bronze. These art-works are often delicate pieces, with visible layers of radiant colors that are "cold painted”. This sculpture was cast in spelter—a zinc lead base metal that is softer than bronze—but with the same cold-paint technique that was typically used for bronze. 

The sculpture is in great condition; it still retains most of its paint, but with charming wear that reveals its age. It is 5” l x 3 1/2” w  x 3 1/4” h. The perfect gift for a lover of bulldogs. 

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