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Cold Painted Bronze and Copper Fox Head Inkwell


A masterful rendition of a hunting fox, rendered in the cold painting technique. The Viennese fox head inkwell dates to the early 1900s and is in great condition for its age. It is mostly made of bronze, with a metal base, and copper well. When you lift the fox's head, a copper inkwell is revealed. The fox is depicted revealing his teeth and is rendered quite realistically. As a hunting fox he is represented with a riding whip and stick. His head is mounted on what resembles a circular wreath, inclusive of its acorns.

The cold-painted technique is quite special, and today proves to be a lost art. The most famous of cold painters was the artist Franz Bergman, casting bronzes to be painted with several layers of dust paint. The paint remained unfired and therefore unfixed to the bronze. These art-works are often delicate pieces, with visible layers of radiant colors that are "cold painted".

Although there is some wear to the pigment it is a lovely piece, a solid desk item. Its condition does not detract from its character or charm. A perfect table top piece or paper weight for an animal lover. The fox inkwell measures approximately 5 x 5-1/2 inches.

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