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Vintage Sterling Silver Wirework and Citrine Necklace


This is a gorgeous vintage sterling silver and citrine pendant necklace that features beautifully intricate sterling silver wirework with tightly-wound, braid-like detailing, molded into various three-dimensional shapes and accented with beading. The pendant has a unique form: the citrine is framed by an organic paisley shape, topped with a sideways crescent moon. A smaller section dangles beneath it, with the citrine turned vertically and the paisley form reflected in a variation of the shape above. The larger section contains a 12 mm x 16 mm citrine. The smaller section contains an 11 mm x 9 mm citrine.

This pendant is in excellent condition. It measures 2 3/4" x 1 1/2" and weighs 11.75 grams. It hangs on a sterling silver chain (not the original) measuring 20" long. The combined carat weight of both citrine gems is 10.25 carats.

Circa 1970.

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