Kirsten's Corner Jewelry

Bohemian Vintage Tribal Jade Earrings


A beautiful Vintage tribal-style pair of earrings with a touch of East-meets-West. The origin is unknown but the craftsmanship appears to be from China or nearby. The earrings date to between 1920-40, and are in great condition. They are made of a base metal that have a nice soft yellow color.

They are each ornate with a hollowed metal ball that is 3/4", with clusters of different colored jade on top and below. The earring dangles 1-1/4" and with the chain it measures 2 1/4" total. Together, the earrings weigh 7.8 grams and the hooks are brand new 14 karat gold. 

These earrings are in great vintage condition. We have a matching necklace, sold separately, available to wear as a set. 

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