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Victorian Bohemian Rose Cut Garnet Necklace

This beautiful Bohemian Garnet rose cut necklace is 19" long with a large central star pattern flanked by two smaller star settings, all surrounded by tiny pronged floral settings. Long enough to grace a plunging neckline, this necklace will look fabulous at night and sparkle in low light with its seven grape-like garnet clusters dangling from the center star and flower settings. In excellent condition with no stones missing, the approximate size of the rose cut garnets measure 2.5mm in diameter. The central star setting measures 2" with the dangle and 1 3/8" without.The original clasp hides beneath the rose setting, integrating it into the rest of the necklace. Made of Pinchbeck (rose gold tone) also known as "garnet gold". Circa 1880

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