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Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Lady of the Water Locket


This sterling silver locket dates to the turn of the century, a perfect example of Art Nouveau imagery and craftsmanship. It depicts an ethereal maiden surrounded by long flowing hair that morphs into the water that surrounds her. She wears the water wrapped around her almost like a negligee, revealing her bare breasts in the seductive, graceful image. The silver’s patina rests in her hair and the outline of her face, delineating the image in the way that only a silver patina can do. The medallion is circular in shape, with irregular lines that make it almost octagonal. 

The locket slides open to reveal an original photo, discolored with age, enhancing the antique look and feel of the piece. We’ve left the photo in tact, though it could be removed and replaced with a more personal photo. The locket closes with a gentle click. 

The locket measures 1” across, not including the bail that has an opening of approximately 3.5 x 5 mm. It weighs 11 grams. The locket is marked on the back as 900 silver. It has an acid finish that gives it a beautiful glow. 

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