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African Rainbow Mali Wedding Trade Beads


Speckled, marbled, bulbous, triangular or squat;  Mali Wedding Beads come in a variety of shapes, colors, size and opalescence.  Mali Wedding Beads are some of the most colorful of the African trade beads. The beads are hand-made from pressed glass, and are presented to brides on their wedding days. They were made in the former Czechoslovakia, for trade in Africa.

This particular strand is from my personal collection, purchased from an African Bead dealer over 30 years ago. The beads themselves date to 1900. This strand features rainbow striped and marbled glass beads that are squat and round. They are 7mm x 9mm each and have just been restrung on a red silk knotted cord that fits easily over the head.  It measures 29 inches and at the back of the strand has 10 red cased beads known as a white hearts because of the white interior lining.

 Mali Wedding Beads exude a beauty, mystique and happiness with their colorful presentation.

Circa 1900

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