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9K Gold Rhodolite Garnet Renaissance Revival, Austro Hungarian Pendant

A colorful, shimmering and complex renaissance revival pendant. This Pendant is beautifully detailed featuring black and white enamel detailing, green emeralds, and a bezel set Rhodolite garnet with a hanging baroque pearl. All these elements come together to form an eye-catching pendant in 9K gold. In the 1800's Austro Hungarian jewelry was recognized for its fine craftsmanship and design. They popularized the idea of combining mediums like metalwork, fine stone detailing and enamel to create a singular piece. This pendant features the straightforward and rather rudimentary side of Austro Hungarian design and Renaissance Revival. The Pendant contains four square cut emeralds (2 mm each), and one round cut rhodolite garnet (measuring 8 mm in diameter). The Rhodolite is bezel set in 9K gold as the centerpiece of the pendant, it's approximate carat weight is 2.5 carats . The hanging baroque pearl baroque is 8 mm x 4 mm. The pendant weighs 4.7g total. This piece has an air of regal femininity that is hard to find. The colors of the enamel are crisp with only slight nicks from age and wear. The Rhodolite garnet is a beautiful vibrant magenta hue. The chain is not included and can be purchased from ours store separately.

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