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900 Silver 1873 French Franc Folding Pocket Knife Coin


This 5 franc coin from 1873 is made of 900 silver. It features Hercules with two Nymphs on one side, and a wreath with the date and coin value on the other. The 1-1/2 inch coin has been sliced and turned into a folding knife-file-scissor coin. These three items made of stainless steel fold in and out of the coin easily. They are in good condition, and when tucked away the coin hangs like a medallion with a bale. The coin is ready to hang on the chain of your choice. It may also be carried in your pocket, or attached to a watch chain. This piece is a great portable item, a distinguished antique version of something you might find in a knife shop today.

This piece weighs 31 grams. It is marked stainless steel on the knife, and "Made in Italy". The knife also has the marks of ASBRO Paris-N.Y. They elements of this folding coin are all in fantastic condition and still sharp. Although the coin dates to 1873 and is an antique the coin was modified into a knife at a later date, making this a vintage item.

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