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800 Silver Traditional Berber Earrings


A pair of traditional hand-crafted 800 silver Berber earrings. The Berber population of Morroco call themselves "Imazighen", meaning The Free. In their culture women have more rights than in other Arab countries, and their social role, as well as their fertility and strength is highly considered. Because Morocco has been a melting pot of cultures for centuries, many artisan's techniques were imported by immigrant groups. It was the Jews who came from Al-Andalus-Spain that influenced the Berber's silversmithing techniques.

These earring as fierce, and bright, much like the women of the Berber culture. These breathtaking earrings have been entirely hand-crafted, and their irregularity is part of the charm. The earrings are composed of several hand-linked parts: a large hook with a daisy form in a circle dangles two hand-cut diamond forms, and hooks onto another larger segment that features faceted red glass it its center. Taking a mandala form, this red glass has a bold, deep red color and is the central embellishment on the earrings. Red glass was considered a symbol of fertility in Berber cultures. Although these earrings are a matching pair, like any handmade copy, irregularities prevail and add charm to the jewelry. The modern filigree work you can see is typical of the Jewish silversmiths of a bygone era.

In Berber culture, jewelry is not only a beautiful piece of art-work and ornamentation for the body, it is also considered a magic talisman and symbol of social wealth. These earrings may have been worn as a symbol of good-luck, a display of wealth and even happiness. The earrings hang a total of 7 to 7-1/2 inches, falling nicely next to the neck and perhaps even falling on the shoulder. Entirely handcrafted, this unique pair of earrings are a delight to wear. The many fragments that make up the earrings, with authentic bold hooks to hang from the earlobes, are quite unique in their own right. These earrings create a magical sound when worn, which is quite astounding for a piece of jewelry that is so beautiful. These earrings date to the 1920's. One pair has had a repair in the past; the smaller diamond forms that dangle from the top segment has been re-soldered. This repair is barely visible and does not detract from the beauty of the earrings. Acid test to be 800 Silver.

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