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24K Gold Zecchino Coins on an 18K Gold Bracelet (100 grams)


Seventeen 24 karat gold Ducats or Zecchino coins are suspended from an 18 karat gold curb link bracelet. Like wearing a piece of history around your wrist. These Zecchino coins have a fascinating heritage. The Venetian mint began making these coins in 1284 and it continued until 1797. The 500 year production ended with the take over of Venice by Napoleon.

The mint was called the Zecca and the coins became known as Zecchino. They changed the design of the coin with each ruling doge. They can be dated by analyzing the iconography on the coins. The coins on this bracelet are from 1688-1694 and are called the Francesco Morosini Zecchino as he was the ruling doge at the time.  This type of coin started to be stitched to women's clothing such as headdresses – this eventually led to the origin of the more modern word "sequin" to denote a small shiny, circular decoration.

Coin anatomy: Obverse: St. Mark standing at left presenting staff with cross and DVX vertically at top to doge kneeling at right; FRAN. MAVROC - S. M. VENET.

Reverse: Full-length facing figure of Christ in beaded ellipse lined with stars; SIT. T. XPE. DAT. Q. TV - REGIS. ISTE. DVCA

The coins are in very good condition (circulated)

Each Zecchino weighs approximately 3.5 grams and are 24 karat gold or .999 purity.

The bracelet and gold surrounds that hold the coins in place are 18 karat and has been acid tested to be such. The bracelet is 7 1/4” in length and has a safety chain and spring ring clasp. The bracelet weights 100.5 grams total.

This is both a fabulous bracelet and a true investment piece. The lyrical sound of the coins jangling and overall weight of the piece make it a pleasure to wear.  As in Jerry Maguire “Show me the money”. It's here on your wrist!

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