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22K Gold Navratna Indian Astrological Nine Gemstone Ring



This is a magical ring with 8 cabochon gems and a rose cut diamond.  Known as a Navratna for nine gems it is a traditional astrological Indian ring.  Made of 22 karat gold the bezel set stones encircle the ring surrounded by red enamel tracery creating a rich visual texture. Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl, Zircon, Moon Stone, and Garnet are the stones in the ring. They measure roughly 6 mm x 4 mm. The ring is a size 7 3/4 - 8. it is 8.25 mm and weighs 14.6 grams.  There is some missing red enamel to some of the tracery. This is normal wear for a ring of the era. It presents as a beautiful ring full of lore and legend. Circa 1920.

Navratna is a Sanskrit word meaning nine gems. Jewelry created in this style has important cultural significance in south-eastern Asian Cultures.  The setting of the stones is believed to hold mystical powers, tied to astrology, mythology and intrinsically linked to Indian Religions. The Navratna represents the harmony between man and the planets. It is believed that the nine gems, each representing a planet also protect nine parts of the human body and are linked. 

The stones are often set within gold or silver jewelry with a ruby as the centerpiece representing the Sun. Each additional stone around the ruby then represents another celestial body within the solar system.

Also shown on a chain as an alternative to a ring it makes a great pendant.

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