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22K Gold Mughal Emerald and Enamel Ring


This fantastic emerald and enameled ring from the Mughal period was made in the late 1800's and has the classic designs elements that make Mughal jewelry so exotic and royal. The ring is 22K gold and features a rectangular rose cut emerald measuring 13.4mm x 10mm. It has a low profile and sits almost flush with the ring. Encircling the ring is the time-consuming process of beautiful enameling. Red birds in white circles with green leaves and dark blue/black accents are the theme.  The ring also holds a secret for the wearer of a beautiful red lotus like flower on the interior of the band. There is loss to the enamel to the back of the ring, most likely from wear and a little to the flower inside the band. It is a part of its history now and can not be noticed when wearing the ring. It remains a jewel from the Mughal era either way. Acid tested to be 22K gold and weighs 10.7 grams. Ring size 8.5


During the Mughal rule in India, which began in the 16th century, the art of jewelry-making was highly prized.  Mughal jewelry is a marriage of Indian intricacy and Middle Eastern elegance, uniting Indian gold work with Middle Eastern designs. Elaborate enameling  heavy stone work are two major features that distinguish Mughal jewelry from other Indian jewelry.


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