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22K Gold Handmade Bee Earrings


Fashioned after the ancient gold bees unearthed in Mesopotamia, these 22k gold earrings are part of a long tradition of bee symbolism in jewelry. In mythology and folklore from around the world, bees are often considered to have magical powers, believed to be the messenger between worlds and the tears of the sun god Ra. Their honey is associated with the divine and is seen as a symbol of immortality. 

The bees in these vintage earrings are detailed on both front and back. They are handmade, and the 22k gold has a matte finish that gives the earrings a nice warm glow. The bees hang from 18k gold hand-pulled wire, secured with a tiny ball that adds to the earrings’ rustic charm. 

Together, the two earrings weigh 2.4 grams. The bees are 1/2” x 3/4”. 

For pierced ears. 

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