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22K Gold Georgian Guinea Coin Locket or Pendant


This 22K yellow gold George III spade guinea coin locket-pendant is made from two Georgian guinea coins that were milled out then attached together to make a locket during the Victorian era. 

The top of the locket is constructed from a 1789  guinea coin with the fifth portrait of King George III. The back of the locket is a second guinea coin featuring the “spade ace" shield. At least six different types of guinea were issued for George III, from 1761 to 1813, taking its name from the region of West Africa where much of the gold for the coins was originally sourced.

The locket opens and closes with ease and the interior glazed compartment contains a removable gold frame with original glass. There is a piece of teal silk encased in the frame that is perfect for a small keepsake or photo.

This locket or pendent will make a wonderful gift or fabulous addition to your jewelry collection. It measures approximately 24.4 mm in diameter and weighs 10.6 grams

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