Kirsten's Corner

22K Alaskan Gold Nugget Pendant / Charm


A beautiful 22 karat natural form gold nugget pendant or charm. This nugget has a charming shape almost as if it is an abstract heart.  What we love about this nugget besides that it is a nugget; is the bail. Kirsten's Corner added the two 24 karat jump rings that intersect and attach to a natural indentation in the nugget. It's amazing to see gold in its natural state and to notice the poetic, organic dimensions when unaltered. Nuggets are formed as a consequence of the concentration of gold by free flowing water and time.

This charm-pendant weighs 3.8 grams, the bail opening measures 6mm and the charm measures 3/4" from the top of the bail to the bottom of the nugget, it is 1/4" in width. The nugget has some trace elements of matrix or quartz and the buttery gold tests to 22k to 24k. 

Shown hung here on a hand made 24 karat bar link chain also available on Kirsten's Corner.

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