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22-24K Gold Nugget Oblong Charm with 14K Gold Bail


This beautiful charm features a single a 22-24k gold nugget hung from a 14k gold oval bail. The gold nugget has a wonderful texture and unique shape—it is oblong with a lot of depth to its crevices. The free form dimensions of gold nuggets are organic and poetic, highlighting the buttery gold. This is a beautiful display of gold in its natural, unaltered state. This charm is lovely worn alone on a necklace or stacked with other charms. 

Gold nuggets are formed by hot fluids flowing through cracks deep in the Earth’s crust. Weather eventually releases the nuggets into streams and bodies of water, where they are shaped by erosion and time.

The charm weighs 1.8 grams. The nugget is approximately 5/8” x 1/4”, not including the 14k gold bail which is 6 x 4 mm. 

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