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18K Yellow Gold Garnet Etruscan Revival Lantern Pendant-Charm


This vintage 18K yellow gold lantern-shaped pendant is truly a work of art! So much detail and craftsmanship went into making this pendant. Originating in Italy around the 1950s, this piece was fashioned after the elaborate Etruscan Revival jewelry from the Victorian era. Typical of Etruscan style, there are heavily decorated gold surfaces, featuring gold cannetille wirework and granulation, forming numerous decorative ropes and flowers. There are three well-sized round faceted garnet stones, each measuring 8.2 mm in diameter, and a jump ring that is marked “Italy" and "750”, indicating that it is 18k gold and from Italy. This pendant is 14 mm in diameter by 1 1/4 of an inch in length (from the top of the jump ring to the bottom of the pendant), and weighs 6.2 grams. The chain pictured here is not included, though there are a variety of chains available on our website.

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