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18K Gold Vintage Italian Bracelet with Lantern Charm


The links of this beautiful 18k gold bracelet alternate between a ribbed texture and a smooth surface, creating a sophisticated visual effect that emphasizes both lines and curves. At the end of the chain, there is a lantern charm that is embellished with wirework cannetille and six gorgeous Madeira citrine gemstones. The lantern is open and reticulated, with a nice oblong shape that is layered into sections like a decadent cake. Alluding to the historic street lamps found along the narrow streets of Italy, the lantern is a classic design element of Italian jewelry. This vintage bracelet is typical of the jewelry sold on the Ponte Vecchio--a famous bridge in Florence lined with art dealers and jewelry shops--and might once have been a souvenir or gift from a special trip abroad. The large charm is playful and fun. It bobs around the wrist, and can be worn dangling from the bottom of the chain or resting on top of the hand. 

The bracelet contains over 10 carats of Madeira citrine; each of the six oval cut, bezel set gemstones measure to be approximately 10 x 7.5 mm. The six citrine are a rich orange color with brown texture. The name Madeira comes from the Brazilian word for “wood.” 

The chain measures at approximately 7 3/4”. The spring ring clasp is intended to be clipped onto the last link of the chain, however, someone with a smaller wrist could clip the chain into a lower link for a tighter fit. Each link is approximately 3/8” inch long and 2.5mm wide. The bracelet weighs 22 grams. 

Circa 1970’s or 1980’s. 

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