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18K Gold Italian Textured Bangle Bracelet


This 18K gold Italian bangle was probably made in the 90s and has an all over rolled texture that gives it a delicate yet somewhat industrial feel. The simple gold hinge and clasp hardware add to the timeless yet contemporary vibe while also maintaining tension in the bracelet so that it doesn't swing open. The clasp hardware fits together tightly, and the texture seamlessly wraps around the bracelet, a testament to the Italians reputation for being some of the world's best goldsmiths. The inside of the bracelet has a small plaque marked "Italy 750 Milor." Weighing 6.6 grams, the hollow bangle is lightweight and easy to wear stacked with other pieces or alone. 
The interior circumference is 7" with the inside width being 2 3/8" and the height being 2". The bracelet is in excellent condition.




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