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18K Gold Wide French Cuff Bracelet with Engraved Motif


Circa the 1880’s, this French Victorian era bracelet has an elegant hinged cuff. The 18k gold has a hand engraved border at both the top and bottom of the cuff reminiscent of acanthus leaves. The border is engraved entirely by hand, consisting of tiny lines and marks that create the motif. The engravings give a matte finish effect that contrasts beautifully with the shiny, high polish finish of the 18k gold. 

The hinged element of the cuff allows it to open up, and then fold back into the small profile that encloses the wrist. It is an exceptionally elegant piece that snaps shut with a tongue in groove clasp, secured with a safety chain. 

The bracelet contains French hallmarks including the French 18k gold mark, a stamp of a horse’s head that dates the piece to 1880, and a partially obscured maker’s mark that appears to read “AB”. The gold has some minor pinhole dents from wear, as to be expected for a piece of this age, adding to the antique charm of this lovely bracelet. 

The bracelet fits a wrist size 6 (ranging from 5.75"- 6.5"). It measures approximately 2 1/2” east-west and 2” north-south. The cuff is 7/8” wide. It weighs 23 grams. 

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