Kirsten's Corner

18K Gold Vintage Italian Enamel and Ruby Snake Ring


A stylish, vintage 18 karat gold, ruby and enamel snake ring from Italy. The ring is a curling snake that wraps around the finger three times, and ends with a curling tail. The top or head of the snake is a clear red enamel over textured gold, which creates depth and adds a scaling pattern to the band. The snake's eyes are two tiny bead set rubies that are delineated with gold; the yellow of the gold against the wine red of the rubies makes the eyes of the snake stand out. From its mouth, the snake emits five delicate chains of 18 karat yellow gold. This design is really charming and adds movement to the ring.  The ring is a size 5-1/2 and weighs 6.4 grams. It is marked on the interior of the band with Italy and 18K. The ring and enamel have no scratches and are in great vintage condition. 

The snake has long been a symbol of everlasting love, dating back to the original engagement ring Prince Albert gave to Queen Victoria. The snake can also represent time and eternity, because its coils and curling body can form a closed circle. The snake symbol was also found in much jewelry dating back to the Ancient Greek times. The vintage ring is a lovely piece, a classic beautiful piece of jewelry for everyday wear. 


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