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18K Gold Vintage Enamel Dolphin Ring


This magical creature comes to life as it wraps around your finger. The dolphin in this ring is charming, but because he’s baring his sharp teeth and has mysterious red eyes, we won’t call him cute! This 18k gold ring is decorated with gorgeous enameling, textured with a geometric green pattern, and red dots that run down the dolphin’s back. The dolphin motif dates back to ancient times, where they were seen in Greek and Minoan artifacts. They are the subjects of countless myths, often depicted as a friend to humans who use their clever intelligence to come to the rescue or carry messages between gods. Today, they are known for being symbols of protection and good luck. 

Circa the 1960’s, the enamel work on this ring suggests that it was most likely made in Italy. It is marked with “750” for 18k gold. The enameling on the ring is in great condition. 

The ring weighs 6.6 grams. The dolphin’s body has a depth of about 1/2”. This is a ring size 6.5, but because the shape of the ring spirals in an open format, it could also fit up to a size 7 1/4”. 

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