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18K Gold Vintage Coral Berry Cluster Ring


This vintage 18k gold ring features a cluster of deep red, faceted coral beads. The beads are held in place by gold wire, wrapped around the top center of the band—allowing for movement. The ring is playful and perfect for summer, and the coral beads make a cheerful sound as they move around on the ring. The berrylike cluster sits atop a thin 18k gold band that is textured like bamboo. The Sardinian coral is a deep, saturated shade of red—the ideal hue for coral jewelry. 

The ring is unmarked but acid tests as 18k gold. The band is 1.8mm wide and the cluster of coral measures approximately 1/4” x 7/8” x 1/2”. The ring weighs 5.14 grams. 

Ring size 6. 

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