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UnoAerre 18K Gold Vintage Amethyst & Diamond Snake Chain Necklace


This vintage 18k gold, amethyst and diamond snake chain necklace is incredibly sleek! The 18k gold snake chain has a deep gold tone that compliments the purple amethyst centerpiece, amethyst being a popular stone in 1970’s and 80's jewelry. The gold centerpiece has an offset 1 mm single-cut diamond that resembles a beauty mark, a thoughtful design touch.  

The amethyst cabochon measures 8.6mm x 6.8mm( 1.75 carats) and is set within a half matte and half high polish bezel setting. The snake chain feeds through the amethyst centerpiece seamlessly, allowing it to slide back and forth with nice movement.

This stunning necklace was made in Arezzo, Italy, in the 1980’s by the jewelry producer UnoAErre. They have been making jewelry since the 1920’s, and have the highest standards for quality and design. This necklace weighs 6.4 grams and the chain measures 17 3/4”.

This modernist piece has grace and a beautiful design, perfect for everyday.

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