Kirsten's Corner

18K Gold Victorian French Cuff Bracelet


This gorgeous French 18 karat rose gold cuff bracelet has been masterfully hand-chased and perforated with a repeating starburst geometric flower pattern. The pattern is a classic example of Victorian era flower designs, both feminine and bright. The bracelet is made in the 1860's and is a remarkable European item. It has been impeccably made by hand, and fits snuggly on a 5-3/4 -6 inch wrist. It has a safety chain so that when the bracelet is open it won't fall off. The bracelet is 5/8 of an inch wide with the perforated flower pattern on it being just 3/8 of an inch. The bracelet weighs 12 grams. It is in great condition for its age, with a minor crinkle to the gold where the hinge meets. This does not affect the beauty of the piece or structure of it. When opened you can see the eagle head mark and a maker's mark. The eagle is the French gold standard mark for 750. This piece has also been tested to 18K. The bracelet is a unique piece, hard to come by something so delicately and carefully made. A true French gem.

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