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18K Gold Three Sided Intaglio Fob with Intertwined Snakes


This is an amazing 18K gold three sided intaglio family crest seal.  Having English hallmarks, the piece was assayed in London in the year 1862. With unknown English maker's mark W. D. G. S. The seals display three different coat of arms, all with distinctive peacock heads and the Latin inscription NATURA DONUM, translating to "a gift of nature" or "natures gift" The gold is engraved with scrolling details on the fob. The arms or gold appendages of the fob are represented as snakes heads with bodies that intertwine with the tails turning into the bail at the top. It also swivels so you can rotate the sides of the fob. From this you can hang the fob.  The peacock head in family crests is associated with the Merrill, Murray and Douglas Surname.

The watch fob features three round-shaped intaglios in banded agate, onyx, and sardonyx with coat of arms seals, measuring 13.00 - 13.30 mm, set in 18k gold. Gross weight 13 grams.
Dimensions: 1-1/2 inches x 1 inch





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