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18K Gold Retro Textured Torpedo Drop Earrings


These 18k gold retro earrings feature torpedo drops suspended from classic half-balls and hinge back posts. The drops have a Florentine finish, which gives them a nice dull sheen. Circa 1940’s, these earrings are a great jewelry staple that can be dressed up or down to look good with anything from jeans to a black dress. The drops are the perfect length to accentuate the neckline, and they have nice movement for an elegant elongated look.

The earrings are marked on the back as 18k gold. Although the drops are hollow, they are made from a thick enough gauge that the earrings haven’t been dented yet and won’t dent easily. They are light enough that they are comfortable and don’t pull on the ear. Together, the pair of earrings weighs 7.6 grams. They are 2 1/4” from top to bottom, and the drops measure to be an inch and a half.

For pierced ears.

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